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Repairs and rewinding

Royce Cross Agencies provides mechanical and motor rewinding services to a broad array of industrial and commercial industries; elevator, printing, processing, steel and manufacturing in general. We provide in-field troubleshooting for drives and controls, rewinding of A/C and D/C motors and armatures up to 1500 HP and provide machine shop and mechanical services.

Our full range of electric motor services available are:

  • AC induction motors and DC motor repairs
  • AC servo motor repairs and DC servo motor repairs, including those fitted to robots and machine tools
  • Absolute and linear encoder motor repairs
  • Transformer and switchgear repairs
  • Coil and conductor manufacturing to 13.8 kv
  • Repairs of all types of pumps
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Full electrical contracting service, including panel building
  • Overhauling service
  • Gearbox & reducer repairs 

Electrical motor services that save you time and money

Underpinning this resource is the desire to get to the root cause of your problems. motor failures, in particular, are very often suffered unnecessarily and working closely with your electrical engineers on such areas of drive-end bearing failure, coupling alignment and other areas which cause the ultimate destruction of windings, we can overcome some of these problems at an earlier stage which will be less costly and less catastrophic for the plant.

We pride ourselves on quick response and turnaround on inquiries, quotes as well as service and repair needs.

At Royce Cross you can be assured that our electrical motor services team has the experience, expertise and know how to ensure your electrical motors run efficiently and smoothly all the time. Call to speak with a member of our technical team on 1300 553 229.