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March 27, 2012

A breath of fresh air

Royce Cross Agencies are ecstatic about the success of their new air-conditioning and heating and refrigeration range of motors.

The range has made a large impact in the HVAC & R industry with sales exceeding expectations for in November 2011.

The range is made up of The Fridgemaster series, Single-shaft condenser motors, Single-shaft blower motor, Double-shaft fan motor and the Double-shaft blower motor. Offering suppliers in the industry another option when choosing replacement motors.

Turn up the heat

RCT85 Double-shaft series includes enhanced efficiency, low temperature rise and resilient mounting.

The range has been designed to industry standards and is interchangeable with most motors. The range also offers flexibility in design to incorporate customer, specific requirements.  

The RCT85 series has been designed for a variety of air movement applications, including reverse-cycle air-conditioning units and circulation fan systems.


·         4 and 6 pole

·         Auto reset thermal overload

·         Designed to international standards

·         Long bearing life

·         Design suitable for Triac control available on

·         Resilient mount cradle

·         Dynamically balanced rotors

·         Low noise bearings

·         CE Certified

·         Permanent split capacitor design            

·         3 speed tapped winding   

Contact our sales team for more information or visit the range online here

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