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e-catalogues and Manuals - electric motors, geared motors and variable speed drives.

Please find below a copy of our current brochures and manuals of products we sell. If you have specific requirements or wish to discuss any of our product range (including accessories, plugs and sockets for our electric motors, gear motors and variable speed drives) contact a member of our technical team on 1300 553 229.


Electric Motor References
Electric motor brochures - RCG
Electric Motor Flange Dimension Reference 
Electric Motor Amperage Reference   
Royce Cross product catalogue 
RCG Single-phase range
REMX EF Series Three Phase (Cast Iron) 
RCG Air-movement range 
REMX EF Series Explosion View
REMX EF Series Explosion View      
Electric motor brochures - Crompton Greaves 
 Geared motor brochures 
Crompton Greaves B56 Single Phase 
Crompton Greaves Evaporative Cooler Motors 
Crompton Greaves Bricksaw Motors
Crompton Greaves Oil Burner Motors (Chicken Feeder) 
Crompton Greaves Three Phase (Alloy) 
Crompton Greaves B56 Three Phase 
Crompton Greaves Three Phase Brake Motors - Page 4(Alloy) 
Crompton Greaves EXE Increased Safety Motors Three Phase 
Transtecno Gearboxes General Catalogue
Transtecno Right Angle CM range Geared Motors 
Transtecno Inline CMC range Geared Motors 
Transtecno Bevel Geared Motors 
Transtecno DC Motor catalogue

 Pujol Muntala Gearboxes 

DC motors & controllers, Baldor
Variable speed drives   

Transtecno DC Motor Catalogue

AC & DC Motors & Drives Catalogue
DC Motor User Guide
DC Motor product guide
Servo Products & Positioning Systems Catalogue
NEMA Dimensions
KBVF Flyer
KBDA Flyer                  

Baldor VS1ST Drive Catalogue 

Toshiba VFS11 & VFS11S 
Toshiba VFNC1- 800kB
TECO FM IP65 Fwd / Rev 


Electric motor brochure - Scorpion

Scorpion Stainless Motors